France On Fragile Wings

A Libertyman's Adventures 1917-1919 in the 168th Aero Squadron, AEF

The 168th Aero Squadron (Observation) designed the "Flying Death" as their squadron insignia. It was painted on the sides of their DH-4s, on their steamer trunks, and various types of personal items including lapel pins.


The 168th Aero Squadron (Observation) was formed in December, 1917 and was an active unit of the American Expeditionary Force until June 1918. It was equipped with DH-4 Liberties. Below is the official listing of locations where the 168th was stationed. A complete narrative history of the Squadron during this time can be found in the Appendix of France on Fragile Wings.


Kelly Field, Texas, Dec. 19, 1917 to Dec. 25, 1917. Squadron organized and ordered to Hazelhurst Field, New York, for duty.
Hazelhurst Field, N.Y. December 25, 1917 to Jan. 31, 1918. Went through course of training for duty overseas.
Romsey, England, February 16, 1918 to February 28, 1918. Awaiting orders from the British Air Force to proceed to our respective camps for training.
Doncaster, Yorkshire, England, Mar. 1, 1918 to August 7, 1918. C & D Flights attached to R.A.F. for training.
Tadcaster, Yorkshire, England, March 1, 1918 to August 7, 1918. A & B Flights attached to R.A.F. for training.
Winchester, England, August 7, 1918 to August 11, 1918. Squadron assembled and awaiting orders to embark for France.
St.-Maixent, France, August 16, 1918 to Aug. 19, 1918. Squadron brought up to strength called for in table of organization.
Romorantin, France, August 20, 1918 to August 23, 1918. Arranging for necessary equipment and supplies to begin operations.
Autreville, France, August 27, 1918 to October 5, 1918. Awaiting necessary planes and equipment to begin operations over lines.
Toul, France, Oct. 5, 1918 to Nov 9, 1918. Active operations as day observation squadron, attached to 7th Division of 4th Army Corps.
Manonville, France, Nov. 9, 1918 to Dec. 12, 1918. Operating as above with 7th Division.
Toul, France, December 20, 1918 to January 11, 1919. Usual duty in connection with aviation.
Trampot, France, Jan. 11, 1919 to Feb. 21, 1919. Course of operations and training prescribed by C.A.S. First Army.
Chatillon-sur-Seine, Feb. 21, 1919 to May 4, 1919. Active operations with Divisions of the First Army Corps.
Weissenthurm, Germany, May 6, 1919 to May 14, 1919. Usual duties in connection with aviation.
Colombey-les-Belles, May 16, 1919 to May 24, 1919. Turning in all equipment and planes under orders to demobilize.
Le Mans, France, June 1, 1919 to June 10, 1919. Preparing to return to the United States.
St.-Nazaire, France, June 11, 1919 to June 15, 1919. Awaiting transportation to return to the United States.
Hazelhurst Field, N.Y., June 28, 1919. Preparing squadron for discharge.


Officers of the 168th Aero Squadron included the following men. A complete listing specifying rank, organization, duties, entry and discharge date, along with squadron leadership is included in the Appendix of
France on Fragile Wings.

Adams, Percy
Aleshouckas, J.W.
Armstrong, Rodney M.
Bradley, Carl R.
Bruett, William F.
Brumberg, Joseph
Carroll, Festus R.
Clark, Edwin R.
Conant, Rellis G.
Conrad, Charles S.
Coyle, Benedict A.
Crowell, Elmer A.
Cundiff, William I.
Davis, Charles M.
Devary, John J. Jr.
Dodds, Hiram E.
Edgar, Harold H.
Ernst, Grant W.
Fanning, Winthrop C.
Galinger, George W.
Giles, Barney M.
Giles, Benjamin F.
Guernsey, LuciusW.
Hardy ,Charles J.
Hassett, Emmett A.
Heater, Charles L.
Ives, Robert F.
Jagoe, Walker M.
Joekel, Fredrick E.
Johnson, Harlan W.
Kinney, Morris
Koehler, Herbert O.
Korman, Edgar J.
Lawson, Ralph
Lewis, Hobart H.
Lewis, James L.
Lyle, Fred B.
McCarron, William C.
McCollough, John M.
McKinnon, John A.
McMahon, Oscar W.
McNulty, William G.
Meyers, Harold
Miller, Harry A.
Nordhoff, Arthur A.
Norsman, Edgar
Nowlen, Stanley
O’Brien, Thomas F.
Oliver, Ralph A.
Olsen, Everard F.
Parker, John C.B.
Parker, Thomas S.
Pendell, Elmar A.
Puhl, Gene P.
Ray, Paul M.
Riggs, Carroll G.
Robinson, John H.
Rockwell, Lawrence D.
Ruddell, Noel C.
Schroyer, Malcolm E.
Searle, Richard W.
Severn, Clarence M.
Sinnock, Albert J.
Smith, Sam Jones
Starbuck, Samuel T.
Stine, Harold B.
Taylor, Ralph M.
Walker, Albert K.
Waterhouse, C.A.M.
White, George McD.
White, Rot W.
Williams, Henry A.
Wyman, Tupper
Wynn, William B.
Yeaton, Harry P.

Zinn, Fred R.